Reinforced Fabric Mesh

We currently stock the following reinforcement CARES approved fabric mesh:


Various types of square mesh

  • A393 Standard Mesh
  • A393 Eco Mesh
  • A393 Flying Ends Mesh

A252 Mesh

  • A252 Standard Mesh
  • A252 Eco Mesh
  • A252 Flying Ends Mesh

A193 Mesh

  • A193 Standard Mesh
  • A193 Eco Mesh

A142 Mesh

  • A142 Standard Mesh
  • A142 Eco Mesh

Various types of structural mesh

  • B1131 Standard Mesh
  • B785 Standard Mesh
  • B503 Standard Mesh

Wrapping mesh

  • D49 Wrapping mesh (formerly known as D98)

All sheet sizes are 4.8m x 2.4m

  • Reinforcement fabric mesh stocked to standards:
  • BS 4483: 2005
  • BS 4483: 1998